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BCI000: BCI Corporate Course Style Guide (BCI000)
BCI Internal
BCI000: BCI Corporate Course Style Guide (BCI000)
Marty Sample 2: Coaching and Goal Setting (BCI501-clone)
BCI Internal
Managing People
Marty Sample 2: Coaching and Goal Setting (BCI501-clone)
This course provides managers with the knowledge to effectively coach and create goals for their employees. The key topics include the business impacts of trust, best practices for building trust, and the erosion of trust.
Demo - Articulate with Audio (DEMO103)
BCI Internal
Demo - Articulate with Audio (DEMO103)
Example of an Articulate Presentation with Audio
OneFPA - Financial Planning Ethics (FPE100)
OneFPA - Financial Planning Ethics (FPE100)
OneFPA - Financial Planning Ethics
Mastering the Basics (HG100)
Harris Geospatial
Mastering the Basics (HG100)
QA Contractor Assessment (QA100)
BCI Onbarding
QA Contractor Assessment (QA100)
QA contractor pre-hire assessment
Introduction to TalentLMS (SAMP1)
Introduction to TalentLMS (SAMP1)
This course comprises several video tutorials that describe the basic TalentLMS functions. At the end there is a final test that will help you assess your knowledge.
Advanced features of TalentLMS (SAMP2)
Advanced features of TalentLMS (SAMP2)
This course comprises several video tutorials that describe some advanced TalentLMS functions.
Content and TalentLMS (SAMP3)
Content and TalentLMS (SAMP3)
What type of content can you use with TalentLMS? Let's find out on this quick course.
eLearning Basics (SAMP4)
eLearning Basics (SAMP4)
A few interesting presentations on basic elearning topics. This is a collection of things you must know in order to succeed in the tech supported learning world!

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